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August 15 2017

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But Daddy, I'm just a little princess...
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Eat your daddy, sweety...
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June 27 2017

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“That looked so cool.  Can I be next big brother?”

June 26 2017

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My little sister is such a tease.  She knows with mom driving that I won’t be able to come into the back seat and take her up on what she is offering.  

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For her 18th birthday her big brother surprised her with a new toy, he had always got her a cuddly toy every year before this, but now he said she was too big for cuddly toys now and it was time for big girl toys. he tole her she would need to use is regular to be  real big girl but told her not to open it until their Mom & Dad were out of the house. He said if she liked it he had an even better and bigger gift for her

Later that night she opened  the gift and was puzzled by what kind of toy it was, she read the instructions and thought it sounded weird and kind of disgusting but she really wanted to be a big girl. She did as the instructions said and although it hurt a bit at first it soon made her feel so good that she couldn’t stop despite the fact she started to bleed. After 10 minutes of intense pleasure her whole body shook and her she peeked in the most wonderful feeling ever before collapsing in exhaustion 

As she lay there trying to catch her breath she couldn’t wait to try her new toy again, and started to wonder what the better and bigger gift her brother mentioned was


June 25 2017

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“Sorry girls.  I didn’t realize you were skinny dipping today.  I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“It is fine Uncle Chris.  Want to join us?”

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June 24 2017

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“That was fun Uncle Chris.  Can we do it again?”

June 23 2017

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My youngest sister trying to help me impregnate our older sister…

June 22 2017

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“Oops!  I seem to have lost my suit Uncle Chris.”

June 21 2017

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“Is it hard enough big brother?  I am ready for you to make me into a woman!”

June 20 2017

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“Please Uncle Chris.  Aunt Sara will never know, I promise!”

June 19 2017

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And you promise you’re not going to cum inside me this time? We can’t have another accident like last time, what if you get me pregnant?

Sis doesn’t know that I am TRYING to get her pregnant.  Won’t she look so incredible with her belly bulging with her big brother’s baby?

June 18 2017

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“Oh my god!  That is supposed to fit inside me big brother?”

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June 17 2017

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I love it when my little sister wears pigtails.  They make the best handle bars!

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June 16 2017

Blog is on hiatus for a few days due to work. Big brother will be back soon. 

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